The Love in Me I Offer to You

Love, such a simple word and concept–yet in practice it is anything but… until you truly know it, then it is as simple as choosing to BE love.

I will choose to be love for you–as long as I believe it is love for me and the perspectives of love I lay hold upon. I will seek to understand you, to allow my love to manifest as best as I can for you. For what you may or may not know, is that I see my soul supporting you and yours–for we are ONE in many ways. That does not mean I will be something I do not wish to be for you. I choose what is love for me as I am the ultimate creator of WHO I AM. Just as you are the ultimate creator of who YOU are.

I am the version of the Divine Mother who would be the gateway of consciousness into new life, worlds, and realities for you. I would allow part of my consciousness to BE that world for you–if possible without driving me completely insane (as it nearly has). I would even go as far as birthing you into your new body from my own–if my body is capable of it.

And yet… I am mindfulness of what is being created. For I am not just love of the singular you, I am love for all versions of ME I see in all versions of YOU–as well as all versions of YOU that you can tell me can be lived in love.

But be aware, I do not turn a blind eye from those that I perceive are struggling and suffering. If you move on without them, don’t expect that I will do the same. Yet I do choose to remain as positive as I can, to continually focus on my end goal, which is happiness not only for my self, but for all of US. For WE ARE ONE, just as we are infinitely diverse and eternal.

If a version of you has spiraled down into the darkness of spitefulness, hate and despair–I will offer love and forgiveness. But know that there is ultimately no deception. Intelligence exists behind the way realities fit together in love–those not directly in the experience but overseeing it in their own way. If your choices are to be deliberately outside the sphere of compassionate love, then how easy do you think it is going to be for a loving being to reach you? Furthermore, what makes you think you will be able to hide from the truth of what you have chosen to do?

Regardless, know that before any after, a version of love will always be there offering to receive you in love. No true divine mother of love would deliberately send her children to a literal hell of pain and suffering. Certainly not an eternal one, and certainly not any version of hell that she wasn’t willing to do herself in her own way. Some lifetimes ARE that difficult though, that they at times seem like hell. Just know, if that is yours, then love will be reaching out to you to support you as best it can.

I certainly will be that love–at least to the best of my capacity to be so. Yet I also will never stop supporting those I know are being the true spiritual warriors of love. I see them around me all the time trying to wake everyone up with their voices. And they are Gods and Goddesses of Love in their own light. I am grateful and show reverence to the essence of divine love I see in every one of them. Even though right now, we all seem to be living a “human” experience in what appears to be “reality”–a reality that has left me questioning at times how anyone could be choosing to do certain things I am seeing from any place of love.

Know that I have sent out all the messages I can to the higher selves of love for every one in this world. I have prayed to you all whether you know it or not. There are certain things happening right now that are so blatantly obvious as to not being in a place of love–and I have had enough of it. I ask you, at what point do you say enough is enough? Does love have to know all the ways of abusing and hurting love to know what is and isn’t love? Do we have to force that upon each other in a never ending cycle or can we finally break the chain and say one to another “I know what love is. I AM that love and I have love for you. Now let’s get to building a beautiful future together rather than continuing in these awful cycles that do not serve any of us.”

And there are many voices out there already saying this in their own way. I thank all of you as you have been the guides on my journey at all the right moments in all the right ways. And I am humble, I may not know everything, but I know who I am and the love that is within me. And this is a light that can never be diminished, a light I have taken into the darkness and survived. And I am ready to give back, because I know that we can’t do this alone. Believing in each other requires all of us, because yes, we all stumble and fall at times. Just as we all sometimes have to get back up and dust ourselves off pressing onward towards our goals.

If not, then what is the purpose for even living? And what could be worth living for more than love, peace, and freedom for us all? Love that uplifts as it climbs the infinite spiral of being and becoming in endlessly wonderful and beautiful ways.